Creative Solutions Automatic Backup

Creative Solutions have been providing support services to several companies for many years. Over the years we have witnessed several companies losing their data for one reason or the other. In some cases the data loss may be so critical to the enterprise’s mission, such that they are forced to spend a lot of money to restore their systems.


Computer data can be lost due to a number of causes, the main ones however are:


  • Computer hardware failure, especially the hard disk crash
  • Destruction through fire etc
  • Computer hardware theft
  • Computer software, and data corruption through hardware inadequacies, power surges. software bugs, viruses etc.
  • User errors



At Creative Solutions we believe that systems should be made to be unstoppable. For this to be realised companies should anticipate threats to their data and take corrective measures to avoid catastrophes. We realise that this can easily be achieved through an effective back up routine.


We have however observed that notwithstanding the prevalence of several backup methods at their disposals, users tend to neglect doing their backup.


Against this background Creative Solutions set  to design a back up system with the following characteristics:

  • Easy to implement
  • Can be set to run automatically, unattended
  • Can perform the backup even when other users are working on the same file
  • Utilizes existing media
  • Easy to restore


The Creative Backup Software does all the above and more:


  • Easy to Implement: - The Creative backup system is easy to implement all you have to do is purchase the software on CD and the installation is easier than installing most computer games.


  • Can be set to run automatically: - Through the windows tasks scheduler you can set it to run automatically at predefined periods


  • Can perform the backup even when other users are working on the same file: - Unbelievable but true, this is particularly helpful if you have several users in a LAN environment.


  • Utilizes existing media: - These days hard disks come with massive space, we now have hard disks with as much as 300 Gigabytes. Most of the space is not utilized productively. The Creative backup can utilize one hard disk on a network. Please note that it will still be necessary to transfer your data to some other media, like cd s and have them stored at remote sites.


  • Easy to restore: - The Creative backup utilizes the zipping technology and for Pastel Accounting users it will be possible to restore from the program.


  • Affordable:- Free if you are on our Pastel Support Contract



Please feel free to phone for a free demonstration